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If you need to send email through your hosted solutions, such as notifications or transactional emails, you can contact us to configure an account that allows sending through SES (Simple Email Service) available from AWS (Amazon Web Services).

  • There is no additional charge to configure an address. AWS SES pricing applies, based on the number of emails sent per month.
  • Sending is done from a specified email address. Each email address must be verified by AWS in advance. Once we have entered and verified your sender email address, you will receive SMTP configuration.

We recommend sending from a “role-based” email account, or a generic name such as “” This is for sending of email only and not for receiving. If needed, you can specify a more specific sending in the “Reply-To” header of an email. However, one email address will be used to send from the “From” address.

This is not intended to be used for mass email or marketing purposes. If you need that functionality, we would be happy to discuss how to best do that.

Email us at to request adding SES to your service.

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