With the arrival of FileMaker 18 comes new features, functionality, and tools for both developers and end-users. Our team has found this means great things for the future of FileMaker. However, one question we’ve found ourselves answering over and over since the FileMaker 18 release is, “How will this affect my server configuration and hosting environment as a whole?”

Change often feels scary, but a new platform version presents a great opportunity to review your current hosting services and identify opportunities for improvement. FileMaker isn’t the only thing moving forward – your business is evolving too. Can your hosting environment keep up?

Enhancing Your FileMaker Hosting with Platform Updates

FileMaker 18 delivers a handful of new capabilities related to security, database storage, and cloud services in general. To get these new capabilities into our clients’ hands faster, we’ve updated our own FileMaker hosting service. Soliant.cloud supports these changes in FileMaker Server and properly leverages all new functionality.

Custom-Configured FileMaker Hosting

Our team has built, configured, and supported FileMaker applications for decades; we’re well-acquainted with common challenges for hosting the platform. Our premium FileMaker-specific hosting offering, Soliant.cloud, alleviates these concerns through a custom configuration of your hosting environment.

It’s a great time to transition to a hosting service that focuses on a consultative approach. Work with AWS-certified Solution Architects who can help you leverage the best of FileMaker in a robust hosting environment cost-effectively and efficiently.

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