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The launch of Claris FileMaker 19 marks a change in how Claris will release future updates of the platform going forward. This includes a more frequent release cycle for patches and full version releases.

In response, we have invested in our infrastructure and reduced costs to accommodate this more regular release cycle. We have always taken our mission of serving clients needs first as our obligate responsibility. By adapting and improving efficiency in our systems, we are able to lower overall costs for our customers.

As part of our goal of providing the absolute best service to host the Claris FileMaker platform on, we are addressing the evolving architecture to make it easier than ever to stay up to date and current. Instead of charging for moving to an updated server when upgrading the latest version of FileMaker Server, we have adjusted our Administration and Maintenance monthly fee to allow for you to update at your convenience for a predictable and consistent cost*.

For our existing clients, you can take advantage of these cost savings immediately. Contact us to schedule a time to Evolve your server before August 31st, 2020.

If you refer to the Product Availability article, you will note that both FileMaker 16 and 17 are E.O.L (End of Life) in September.

Our hosting policy is to support the versions of the Claris FileMaker Platform as stated by Claris, you should plan on staying up to date with a supported version in order to get the latest features and security updates available.

Unlike some other hosting providers, provides only properly provisioned instances that meet the required specifications as stipulated by Claris. View the recommended server specifications here. Our Core package offers 120GB OS to maintain the required 100GB of available free space. And (2) Nitro System Based Physical Processors (not a single dual core). All hard drives are EBS SSD which can be modified to address your specific needs.

By leveraging native cloud capabilities, you can scale up or down as your specific requirements demand. We will handle the Java nuances, all operating system updates, all patches and full releases of FileMaker Server, as well as maintain high performance across the globe. is more than a box in the cloud. We have invested years in architecting a robust, dynamic environment that can scale with your business.

Clients that do not wish to stay current can contact us to schedule time to decommission their instances before the E.O.L date as stated by Claris.

Our FileMaker Evolution Package involves the following steps:

  1. An evaluation of your current server instance to develop a plan and time frame for action. This will include:
    • Database porting
    • Container Data porting
    • Analysis and configuration adjustments to EBS volumes
    • Analysis and configuration adjustments to AWS Snapshots
    • Secure Socket Layer Certificate (SSL) migration
    • Server Side Plug-Ins porting
    • Server Side Scripting porting
    • Current backup and snapshot porting
    • Monitoring and AWS roles & security transfer
    • Instance FTP-SSL accounts and configuration
    • Instance command, batch, and powershell file porting
    • FileMaker Server License transfer and license review
    • Update networking security, roles, permissions and DNS.
  2. A review of our findings and recommendations. Our team will:
    • Review costs for evolution based on the analysis.
    • Review licensing considerations.
    • Propose any possible optimizations for cost reduction and performance enhancements.
    • Define a maintenance window to perform the evolution.
  3. A full evolution for your solution, paired with ongoing communication with your team

*Applies to most hosting clients. Custom server and/or infrastructure configurations may require additional charges.

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