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You can access FileMaker Server instances via Secure FTP (FTP SSL). With SSL enabled, the FTP protocol is secure and your data remains private.

To access your server via FTP-SSL, you can use the same security credentials used to access the FileMaker Server Admin Console. You can use any supported application capable of using FTP-SSL.

We like the freely available shareware for both Windows and OS X, Cyberduck. In addition to handling multiple FTP protocols, Cyberduck also supports accessing FTP-SSL. If you like Cyberduck, consider purchasing a license and supporting this product.

Instructions for Cyberduck

  1. To use with Cyberduck, from the menu bar, select Bookmark > New Bookmark. See the following image for an example of how your bookmark should appear.Sample bookmark
  2. Close to save the bookmark, then double-click on the newly created bookmark. You will be prompted to enter the password and optionally, to save the credentials in your keychain. Once you successfully connect, you have a drag and drop interface for FTP that should look like the following image.Drag and drop interface for FTP
  3. From here, simply drag and drop a file or folder to copy to another location. By default, the following folders are available.
    • FMS Documents – the FileMaker Server Documents folder. – This folder provides Read/Write access to the FileMaker Server Documents folder that FileMaker Server can access if you need that functionality.
    • Manual Backups – Any manual backups that were made. – The folder provides Read/Write access to perform ad-hoc backups available immediately to download. Any FileMaker Server backup script should use this folder location (filewin://D:/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/). This folder can also be used for uploading files to your instance for other purposes, such as uploading a large solution file instead of using FileMaker Pro. Using this method will require some assistance to place the files into production.
    • Web – the web server root folder. – This folder provides Read/Write access to the web server root for uploading and maintaining code and files used for custom web publishing.
    • Please be aware that data transfer and access charges may apply. Additional Amazon Web Services (AWS) charges incurred will be passed through.
  4. SnapBack – Mounted upon request; for backup retrieval you will see, in addition to the default folders, the mounted snapback will be displayed as well. Refer to “What is SnapBack?” for more information.
    • SNAP-YYYY-MM-DDHxMx – Dynamic SnapBack Attached Backups – This folder provides Read Only access to any dynamically attached SnapBackups. When a SnapBack is attached, it will be exposed as a FTP Folder named as follows: SNAP-<YYYY>{Year}-<MM>{Month}-<DD>{Day}H<x>{Hour}M<x>{Minute} (The date and times are based on the host server date/time at the moment of the created the SnapBack.)

The “Web” folder is the root of the web server included with FileMaker Server. See the “Enable and use PHP on your FileMaker Server” article for information on enabling and using PHP.


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