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FileMaker Server instances running on already have the capability to upload FileMaker Files with the built-in functionality in FileMaker. However, there are times when it is more efficient to move large files or entire folders via another transport mechanism. Working with Soliant developers, it is possible to move large files and folder to your server without relying on FileMaker Pro to upload a file.

For large files and folders, it is recommended that you create a zip archive to both reduce the file size and to speed up the process. If the file size is greater than a few GB, then we strongly recommend splitting the zip archive into multiple parts. That greatly reduces the possibility that one big archive folder will fail in the upload process.

Instructions for OS X

On Mac OS X, use Terminal to segment the zip into easily-uploaded smaller chunks. This works with the Windows zip to extract as well. Specify the size of the segment after the “-s” flag.

zip -r -s 200m Folder_Name/

The above example will create a zip archive in segments of 200 MB files. We recommended keeping the segment size manageable based on the upload speed you have from your location.

Instructions for Windows

On Windows OS, the built-in zip functionality does not give the option to segment. You can download and install 7-zip, which is freely available from

Once installed, right click on your file and create an archive with 7-zip. Select “zip” as the type of file, and set the value for volume size to “200M”, for example, to create segments of 200 MB each.

Once Complete

After your upload has completed, you may need to work with your Soliant point of contact to get files unzipped and in place on the server.


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