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Amazon Web Services S3

Extend the power of FileMaker dealing with container objects by off-loading the storage and retrieval to Amazon S3.

By leveraging Amazon S3 for storage, the® Amazon Web Services S3 SideCar enables businesses to improve how their FileMaker application manages container objects.

The high availability serverless microservice makes integrating applications quick and easy by eliminating the complexities of integration down to a simple API call that handles all the integration backend.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services S3

  • Reduction in database file size
  • External container data
  • Response time
  • Cost reduction (EBS volume/SnapBack)
  • 11 nines of durability

Launch Amazon Web Services S3

If you’re not a client, contact one of our AWS experts to learn more.

If you’re a current client interested in leveraging Amazon Web Services S3,  open a Service Desk Request in your client portal, located in the left navigation section, and request the “Amazon Web Services S3” SideCar subscription. A one-time orchestration fee of $900 will be applied to your next invoice. A monthly subscription of $10 per month for up to 1 billion API requests will be applied to each invoice until canceled.

Streamline your FileMaker application’s container management by off-loading the storage and retrieval to Amazon S3.

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