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Claris FileMaker 19 Hosting Now Available FileMaker hosting is pleased to announce support for the recently released Claris FileMaker Server 19. We architect our hosting environment to meet or exceed the latest server requirements, which includes up-to-the-minute features and the most rigorous security available.

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Begin your cloud transformation. Click here to get a free estimate. In today’s turbulent environment, you need technology that can flex with shifting environmental forces. provides flexibility and scalability. Our AWS Certified Cloud Engineers help you take advantage of the possibilities while mitigating the risks with a proven, automated process and stable, secure environment optimized for the Claris FileMaker ecosystem.

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AWS Select Consulting Partners

Soliant Consulting has achieved Select status in the APN (AWS Partner Network) in addition to our Claris Platinum Partner status. Our seven AWS Certified cloud engineers have the validated expertise to architect a resilient, secure cloud environment and help you anticipate changes in technology so that you can focus on your core business.

We provide for and manage services for 100s of clients and 1000s of end-users with a proven track record for operational excellence, cost optimization, and reliability. With an uptime of 99.999999%, we’ve got you covered.

Well-Architected DR (Disaster Recovery) Strategy Built In

Our SnapBack propriety backup architecture builds in Disaster Recovery at no additional cost – with every backup. What are SnapBacks? SnapBacks benefit your business by reducing backup storage costs to a small fraction of standard backups; eliminating system pausing, eliminating the need to allocate additional hard drive space and providing a robust retention schedule consisting of hourlies for the last 24 hours, daily for the last 7 days, weekly for the last 4 weeks and monthly for the last 3 months.

Have a sizable FileMaker system? We have you covered with SnapBacks that leverage native cloud functionality to restore Terabyte file sets within minutes. All this is available to you instantly from the newly refreshed Client Portal.

SnapBacks are automatically replicated to multiple AWS data centers across different availability zones to provide high durability, providing eleven 9’s (99.9999999%) of durability for backups. This adds multiple levels of resilience and security to ensure you have your data when you need it.

Designed for the Claris FileMaker Platform

Unlike some other hosting providers, provides only properly provisioned instances that meet the required specifications as stipulated by Claris. View the recommended server specifications. Our Core package offers 120GB OS to maintain the required 100GB of available free space. And (2) Nitro System Based Physical Processors (not a single, dual-core). All hard drives are EBS SSD, which can be modified to address your specific needs.

By leveraging native cloud capabilities, you can scale up or down as your specific requirements demand. We will handle the Java nuances, all operating system updates, all patches and full releases of FileMaker Server, as well as maintain high performance across the globe. is more than a box in the cloud. We have invested years in architecting a robust, dynamic environment that can scale with your business.

SSL Included

Let us manage the SSL details. Because we support hundreds of secure environments, we can set up your SSL quickly and easily. We provide a custom DNS name within the Domain, this includes the SSL certificate. If you’d prefer to use a custom domain name and supported SSL, we can provide that as well. See our Knowledge Base for more information about domain name options.

* Additional special pricing on setup fees for true Not-For-Profit clients.

Ignite business possibilities in a robust cloud environment.

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