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Eliminate “paused” database time and reduce data loss exposure with SnapBacks, your reliable and optimized backup technology.

Built into every offering, your SnapBacks are customized to the size of your FileMaker files and how often that data is changed to ensure an efficient and resilient backup strategy. By default, data is backed up every hour, on the hour, but you can choose to back up your files every 15 minutes with SnapBack premium.

Snapbacks utilizes best-in-class AWS cloud services such as Amazon EBS snapshots, as well as dynamically enforced retention policies. It provides access to specific points in time, on demand. We use application logic to manage snapshots to back up your data. The resulting feature set provides not only a primary backup model but also an effective disaster recovery strategy. We store each SnapBack in the highly redundant Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which boasts 99.99999999999% reliability.

Benefits of SnapBack

  • Reduces backup times for FileMaker databases to several seconds
  • Eliminates the need for additional volume space required to store backups
  • Reduces exposure to data loss by providing hourly backups with no interruption
  • Contains FileMaker Server Documents data, OS Level Scripts, Web Server files, FileMaker Plug-Ins, and the FileMaker Configuration
  • Available for your instance with access via secure FTP using your provided account credentials
  • Drastically reduces costs through a tagging system allowing us to assign costs for only the time a SnapBack is mounted
  • Provides the administration team tools to better manage solutions and reduce costs

SnapBack Premium

SnapBack Premium enables companies with heavily used, business-critical systems to get a complete backup of all hosted files and have them available over a 24-hour period in quarter-hour increments. That means if disaster strikes, your data is safe.

Launch SnapBacks for Your Business

Unlike some other hosting providers, provides only properly provisioned instances that meet the required specifications as stipulated by Claris. View the recommended server specifications. Our Core package offers 120GB OS to maintain the required 100GB of available free space. And (2) Nitro System Based Physical Processors (not a single, dual-core). All hard drives are EBS SSD, which can be modified to address your specific needs.

If you are not a current client, contact us today to get a free quote.® comes with a host of features not available on other hosting platforms, such as a self-service portal with backups that download in seconds, available integrations with over 200 AWS services designed by certified AWS professional-level engineers, integrations with other business systems, FTP access to live hosted files, and more.

Launch your reliable and optimized backup technology.

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